Industries We Protect

Marco serves a broad community of businesses. We develop fire protection solutions that are tailored to their environment to keep each and every client safe and compliant.


We are accustomed to working with tight budgets, tight schedules, and in situations that require multiple trades working in tight quarters. We have developed great relationships with GCs and are proud that many have come to rely on our knowledge, work ethic, and integrity. They trust us to deliver excellence to their clients.


We understand that our manufacturing customers each come with their own unique set of challenges. Our systems are designed to integrate unobtrusively and flawlessly into the processes we were hired to protect from fire. Installations and inspections are scheduled to accordingly to avoid interrupting production or causing downtime.


Our teachers and students deserve to educate and be educated in the safest environments possible. We consider ourselves ambassadors of fire safety in schools in universities by providing the most efficient, integrated, and cost-effective fire protection systems available. Feel better knowing the school your children attend is protected by a system installed and maintained by Marco.


We are frequently called upon to protect the weakest among us. That includes fire safety for healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living centers. Marco understands the special role of fire protection in these settings and has the experience designing, installing and maintaining fire protection systems that leave nothing to chance for your loved ones.


Commercial property managers expect 100% system up-time within the buildings they manage. High maintenance costs erode margins and profitability. Marco understands this delicate relationship and provides cost-effective system moves, adds and changes, and budget-friendly maintenance to ensure proper operation of life safety equipment and systems.


Anywhere there’s grease and high temperatures, fire safety is imperative. Choose Marco to design and install the best fire protection system for your commercial or industrial cooking operation. All of our systems are fully compliant with the UL-300 commercial cooking standard. We’ve outfitted commercial kitchens large and small, providing the detailed level of prevention and protection required by law..