Marco's Fire Alarm Specialists Know That Early Detection Equals Minimal Loss

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

From invisible particles at the start of a fire to rapidly developing flame, smoke and heat sources, Marco’s fire detection and alarm systems provide the early warning you need to protect your people, your property, and the public. Marco proudly represents Notifier™ by Honeywell, the industry’s leading manufacturer for advanced detection technology. Marco is an authorized distributor of Notifier and other fine manufacturers.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Sometimes we need fire protection in areas that are just too hard to wire, or where wiring would disrupt the aesthetics of the space, like with historically rated facilities. Today’s wireless fire alarm systems feature “mesh technology” to ensure signal integrity, extended battery life to get years of reliable service, and no wires or conduit to dramatically reduce the cost of installation.

Bi-Directional Antenna Systems

Bi-Directional Antenna Systems (BDAs) are a critical piece of the life-safety puzzle. BDAs propagate two-way radio communications from emergency responders throughout a facility, from stairwells, to underground tunnels, parking garages, and other radio-challenged areas. Marco has the equipment and expertise to determine the quantity and placement of these life saving devices.

Air Sampling Detection (VESDA) Systems

Air sampling detection detects combustion at its very insipient stages. These very early warning detectors like VESDA™ are available in a number of models and can accommodate a broad range of environments and applications - from small to very large, open spaces and from the cleanest to the dirtiest of environments, air-sampling detection provides reliable, high-sensitivity, very early warning smoke detection.

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