Why Are Fire System Inspections Important?Marco knows how critical it is to provide quality fire protection system inspection and service.

Marco has specially trained experts to inspect and identify system issues to ensure you are compliant and there are no fire hazards. We quickly respond and will offer the right solution based on your specific project and facility.


Sprinkler System Inspection

Regularly scheduled fire sprinkler system inspections mean long-lasting reliability of equipment. We offer our clients inspections that always meet national fire codes, manufacturers’ requirements, and clients’ needs. You will have a detailed report including recommendations to save you money and provide greater long-term protection.

Each year, we perform thousands of sprinkler system inspections of new and existing systems to determine compliance with fire codes, insurance requirements, and client needs. Our inspections ensure optimum system performance, response times, and proper operation of sprinkler heads and alarm systems. Confirming and maintaining system integrity on a regular schedule can protect your building, its contents, and most importantly, its occupants.


Just Expert Fire System Inspections, No Sales

Unlike other service providers, at Marco, we eliminate all conflict of interest by separating the inspection and test process from the repairs. Consequentially, when you rely on our inspections and testing to reduce overall life-cycle costs for facilities, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that repairs identified are actually required for passing inspections and not a mere attempt at meeting a sales quota.