Fire Safety Equipment Installation by ExpertsProtecting Lives, Property, and Your Business

It’s vital to install fire safety equipment in your commercial or residential building to avoid the loss of lives, property, and business in the event of a fire. Calling on fire safety equipment installation experts like Marco helps protect your employees and prevent production downtime.


Industrial or commercial fire safety equipment installation

If you’re looking for the best fire safety equipment installation services near you, Marco experts are here to help you.

As a part of our fire safety equipment installation services, we provide installation of fire safety systems such as fire detection, fire sprinklers, fire suppression systems, fire alarms, and a lot more.

Our engineer’s design superior-quality fire protection systems that are best-suited for your structure and will respond immediately to fire to ensure you and your employees’ safety and greatly reduce the loss of property.


We work with you from inception to the end of your fire safety project

The success of our fire protection equipment installation services comes from collaboration. We team up with you, contractors, architects, and other stakeholders to make sure that the fire protection systems are seamlessly installed in your structure as to not affect its aesthetics. This is especially important when working in historic properties, in which we have decades of experience.

Once the fire safety equipment installation is complete, we test the system to make sure it is operating perfectly.


Why hire us for fire safety equipment installation?

Our highly skilled fire safety equipment installation experts go above and beyond the call of duty to prevent loss of lives, property, and business. We have built an evergreen reputation for exceptional quality services and have a proven track record for setting high standards in the fire protection industry.

Small businesses, enterprise companies, residential projects – everyone relies on Marco fire protection specialists to help with the most efficient fire safety systems. 

The performance of a fire safety system depends on its installation and design

Yes, that’s true. A fire protection system that is not installed properly will not function properly. Some common problems are marginal installation such as voltage transients and improper grounding.

The right installation techniques ensure that your fire safety equipment does not malfunction when you need it the most.


How we plan fire safety equipment installation?

Here are the steps we follow when installing fire safety equipment:

  • Understand the architecture of your building and the design of the fire protection system.
  • Understand your requirements (deadline, budget, etc.)
  • Collection of material required for the fire safety equipment installation – control valves, pressure gauges, hangers, sprinklers, alarms, etc.
  • Fire safety equipment installation.
  • Completion of the installation by conducting a final inspection and testing.


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