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Are you a Philadelphia area business searching for nearby fire protection companies? Many Philadelphia businesses trust Marco Protection Systems, LLC as their number one commercial fire protection company, and now we want to go to work for you.

If you’re looking for fire alarm testing companies to also provide fire sprinkler installation, you will be hard pressed to find a company that does both extremely well. At Marco, we not only offer fire alarm repair service, but we can provide large scale industrial fire protection or any other fire protection services you may need. Let Marco Fire be your full-service commercial fire protection company! Give us a call at (610) 363-2233 or fill out our convenient online form on our contact page, which can help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for, like fire sprinkler repair, fire alarm inspections, industrial fire suppression, and more.

Many people used to think of Marco as just a family-owned sprinkler inspection company that serves Philadelphia and surrounding areas. But we are so much more! While we are still that same family-owned operation, we can offer a variety of commercial and industrial fire protection in Delaware County or commercial fire alarms in Delaware, as well. Other Philadelphia area fire sprinkler companies may not serve such a large geographical area, so when your business has multiple locations, call the team that can reliably handle them all – Marco Protection Systems, LLC.

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We Offer the Best Fire Sprinkler Services in the Philadelphia Area

One of the most common types of fire protection services we provide is fire sprinkler installation. Sprinkler fire protection is appropriate for a range of commercial locations including retail stores and restaurants, and even large office buildings. Marco is often the trusted fire protection company when it comes to large-scale fire sprinkler installation for new construction apartment buildings. Whether you are looking for fire sprinkler installation or fire sprinkler repair, Marco Protection Systems, LLC is one of the best fire sprinkler companies in the Philadelphia area. We can even provide emergency fire sprinkler repair for those times when your older system suffers from corrosion or when your pipes burst due to a common winter freeze break.

When you hire us for your sprinkler fire protection needs, you can be certain that your install will be done correctly the first time and at an affordable price. And you will not be left hanging, wondering how to properly maintain your sprinkler system because we can provide fire sprinkler inspection that keeps your system code compliant. We are the sprinkler inspection company with decades of experience in both fire sprinkler installation and fire sprinkler repair, so you can rely on our team for the lifetime of your sprinkler system.

Trusted Fire Alarm Testing and Installation

Typically, your sprinkler system is integrated with your fire alarm system – so why have two different companies service these systems? Trusting a sole fire protection company like Marco ensures you have a team that is not only familiar with each of your systems but experts in how your systems seamlessly work together to provide the best life safety solution for your building.

In addition to providing fire alarm inspections, we can also provide fire alarm testing tailored to fit your schedule. In schools, we ring bells on the weekends or during the summer when students and staff are out of the building. In warehouses and offices, we can test your system overnight so we do not disturb operations. When you look for the best fire alarm repair service in the area, you want a team that will respond immediately, not a few days or weeks later. Marco offers 24/7/365 emergency service so you never have to wonder if your system will work when you need it most. This includes emergency fire sprinkler repair, too!

Commercial and industrial fire protection is too important to leave to less experienced fire protection companies. Choose Marco Protection Systems, LLC, the one that has been trusted by Philadelphia area businesses for nearly five decades.

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One Solution For All Your Fire Protection Needs

You need a fire suppression sprinkler system that will be there for you when you need it, so don’t bother calling fire sprinkler companies; call a reliable fire protection company to be your singular solution. Marco Protection Systems, LLC has everything you need in a commercial fire protection company – it’s in our name! We’re more than just a sprinkler inspection company; we can do it all!

Of course, your fire suppression sprinkler system can help stop a fire in its incipient stages, but how are your occupants going to know to evacuate if your fire alarms are not working correctly? Regular fire alarm inspections are crucial to ensuring your system will do its job when a fire breaks out. We’re one of the only fire alarm testing companies that also offers fire alarm repair service and fire alarm inspections, as well as a wide range of other fire protection services for businesses in the Philadelphia area.
Industrial fire protection is another strength of ours. Industrial sites are particularly challenging for small fire protection companies, mostly due to the size of industrial operations and increased risk of fires. Installation of industrial fire suppression systems and industrial sprinklers must be performed according to local building codes to ensure fires can be contained. Some fire sprinkler companies in the Philadelphia area may not be up to the task, but Marco Protection Systems can handle all the jobs you would expect of a commercial fire protection company, and we have great relationships with fire marshals all over the tri-state area who help ensure your systems meet code requirements.

If you need industrial sprinklers installed or any other type of industrial fire suppression system, we’re the commercial fire protection company to call.

Trust Marco for any of the following jobs:
  • Emergency Fire Sprinkler Repair
  • Commercial & Industrial Fire Suppression Installation, Inspection, and Repair
  • Commercial & Industrial Sprinklers Installation, Inspection, and Repair
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Integrated Security Systems
  • Professional Services
  • Field Services
For all these fire protection services and more, don’t call the other fire protection companies; call the commercial fire protection company that area businesses have relied upon for decades. Call Marco Protection Systems, LLC today.