Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Stored Pressure

The most common variety of extinguisher is a stored pressure fire extinguisher in which both the extinguishing agent and the expellant gas are kept in a single container, and that includes a pressure indicator gauge. Ideal for auto repair shops, machining operations, forklifts, offices, schools, hotels, warehouses, and many other uses.


The preferred extinguisher of safety personnel for high fire-risk industries like chemical, petro-chemical, oil, gas, mining, aviation, and power generation. Characterized by an expellant gas cartridge separated from the agent storage container, these units are valued for their high agent flow characteristics and the ease of recharging.


This type of fire extinguisher is filled with an agent which has sufficient vapor pressure at normal operating temperatures to expel itself. The most popular variety of this type of extinguisher is charged with Carbon Dioxide (CO2). These units are well suited for indoor use in furnace rooms, printing presses, pump rooms, electrical power areas.

Wheeled Fire

Designed to protect areas where the potential for large fires exists, these heavy-duty units have greater extinguishing agent capacities than hand portable extinguishers, yet are mobile and can be operated by one person. Wheeled extinguishers are most often found in parking garages, helipads, airports and industrial manufacturing areas.

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