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March 25, 2021
The Value of Fire Suppression System Maintenance

The Value of Fire Suppression System Maintenance

Inspecting, testing, and maintaining (ITM) a fire suppression system is just as important as maintaining the building itself. When you trust the Marco Protection Systems, LLC team with ITM, you are better equipped to prevent a fire from spreading and destroying your business.  Prevent the Fire From Occurring in the First Place A fire alarm and detection system helps prevent the development of a large-scale fire by sensing it in its incipient stage. Even minute traces of smoke will be […]
December 21, 2020
How do Fire Suppression Systems Work?

How do Fire Suppression Systems Work?

Knowing How Fire Suppression Systems Work Can Save Lives Your business may have fire suppression systems installed to protect expensive machinery or vital processes, but unless you know how they operate, you may not be able to react correctly when a fire breaks out. At Marco Protection Systems, we believe knowledge is power; we want our customers to be empowered to make great life safety choices. That starts with knowing how our fire suppression systems operate. Whether you need a […]
May 4, 2020
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Which Fire Safety System is Right for My Business?

Finding the Right Fire Detection System for Your Business Having working fire safety equipment and fire suppression systems in Delaware County or surrounding areas are vital for every business. These systems can save lives and property. But it isn’t always immediately clear what type of fire protection system would be the best solution to protect your business. At Marco Protection Systems, LLC, we offer a variety of fire detection and suppression equipment to keep you and your assets safe. Here […]
April 10, 2020
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What is the cost of a fire suppression system?

Determining the cost of a fire suppression system for your facility depends on several critical factors like what type of facility you have, size of the space, and what asset(s) you are trying to protect.  Of course, your answer to the first of those questions – type of facility – will be the leading factor as your Marco Life Safety Advisor helps find the best solution for your business. Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems If you need a fire suppression […]