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May 24, 2019
fire detector

Essential Fire Protection Services for Commercial Properties

Owning a commercial property can be stressful. Whether you are operating a business day to day or managing tenants, your property is changing, needing repairs, or waiting on a remodel. In juggling it all, fire protection may slip through the cracks; however, it is one of the most important things to keep in the front of your mind as a commercial property owner. Marco Protection Systems, LLC can help you maintain your fire extinguishers and commercial fire alarm system so […]
May 9, 2019
Emergency Exit Door

The Do’s and Don’ts of Conducting a Fire Drill at Work

It’s a normal workday. Suddenly the fire alarm rings. You quickly move to the exit door and head to the assembly area with other employees. That’s the way a building evacuation should work, but only if your employees practice! U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 3,340 fires per year in office properties from 2007-2011, according to estimates from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Fire drills reinforce safety training procedures to get out a building quickly and safely. […]