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December 21, 2020
How do Fire Suppression Systems Work?

How do Fire Suppression Systems Work?

Knowing How Fire Suppression Systems Work Can Save Lives Your business may have fire suppression systems installed to protect expensive machinery or vital processes, but unless you know how they operate, you may not be able to react correctly when a fire breaks out. At Marco Protection Systems, we believe knowledge is power; we want our customers to be empowered to make great life safety choices. That starts with knowing how our fire suppression systems operate. Whether you need a […]
October 22, 2020
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Why Cartridge Operated Fire Extinguishers Are Suitable Choices for Chemical Plants

Fire extinguishers are a necessity for chemical plants because they are high-risk environments. Consider cartridge operated fire extinguishers. They have characteristics that make them great safety device additions for industrial settings like utilities or petrochemical plants. The Types of Fire Extinguishers All fire extinguishers have two main chemicals: an extinguishing agent to put out fires and a propellant gas. There are stored pressure, cartridge operated, self expelling, and wheeled fire extinguishers. Stored pressure fire extinguishers are the most common type, […]
September 3, 2020

The Most Common Sprinkler System Emergency Impairments

A fire sprinkler system is essential to protecting your business and your workers. But when your sprinkler system malfunctions, it is likely something was overlooked and could have been prevented. It is not too late to invest in a fire sprinkler system installation in Lancaster or your business in the surrounding area. Start by learning about the most common sprinkler system emergency issues and what you can do to lower the malfunction-incident rate in your business. Overheating System When ceiling […]
August 28, 2020
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The Importance of a Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system is a group of unique engineered units that detect fire at the initial stages through smoke, heat, or other relevant warning signals. Detection devices are connected to central alarm panel that activates audible and visual devices, which alert building occupants and local fire departments to a fire outbreak. Why Should You Install A Fire Detection and Alarm System in Your Business? The importance of a fire detection and alarm system cannot be understated. The primary benefit […]