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We Offer Fire Protection Equipment For Your Business

Who We Are

Marco Protection Systems, LLC is among the best fire protection companies in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Headquartered in Downingtown, PA we offer commercial fire protection systems of all kinds to ensure your business in eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, or northern Maryland stays as safe as possible. Our services include fire system inspection, installation, and repair, all at an affordable cost.

Services and Systems We Offer

Marco Protection Systems, LLC offers the best in industrial fire protection and commercial fire protection for your business. What began as a local fire sprinkler company nearly 50 years ago has grown into a full-service commercial and industrial fire protection company. Businesses of all sizes trust Marco with their fire detection and alarm, fire sprinkler, fire suppression, and fire extinguisher needs.

Commercial Fire Alarms in Lancaster County and Surrounding Areas

A great defense against fire begins with working and code compliant fire alarm systems. Our fire detection and fire alarm systems provide the early warning you need to protect your employees, your business, and the public.

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We offer fire alarm system design and installation for new construction projects or buildings that require retrofitting for local code compliance. Additionally, we handle permitting for you through our well-established relationships with local municipalities, AHJs (Authority Having Jurisdiction) and fire marshals. Using wired or wireless systems, we use the latest technology to best protect your space. Marco is a NOTIFIER Premier Distributor.

We also offer fire alarm inspections and fire alarm repair services in Chester County or wherever your facility may be. Whether we installed your fire alarm system and you would like Marco’s continued service, or you are looking to make a change to a new fire alarm inspection company, we are readily able to takeover service. Besides the obvious benefit of fire alarm inspections of mitigating fire and safety hazards, fire alarm inspections can also help reduce your insurance premiums. Commercial fire alarms typically come with insurance, which can be costly. Your insurance claim may be rejected if you are not scheduling regular alarm inspection services.

As a business with commercial fire alarms in Lancaster County, you may occasionally need a repair or emergency service. While the systems we install are high quality and reliable, some systems may experience false alarms, supervisory or trouble signals due to device disconnection, or other easily fixable issues. When you need fire alarm repairs for commercial fire alarms in Chester County or anywhere else, you can count on the Marco team to be there 24/7/365.

Maybe you do not need a midnight repair, but you do need overnight fire alarm testing as to not disturb your normal operations. Marco Protection Systems, LLC is also among the best fire alarm testing companies in Chester County. Not all fire alarm testing companies are as thorough with their work as we are. We carefully test your commercial fire alarms to make sure every component is in working order and that all horns and strobes will activate properly in the event of a fire. In your search for reliable fire alarm testing companies, look no further than Marco.

Fire Sprinkler Installation, Repairs & Inspections

Fire Sprinkler Installation, Inspection, and Repair

Marco is among the top fire sprinkler companies in Philadelphia and Chester County. One of our strengths is our fire sprinkler installation services. Some of the largest general contractors in Pennsylvania trust the Marco team with fire sprinkler installation, bringing us back to every new construction job for the last 20 plus years.

You need a fire sprinkler installation team you can trust; if something goes wrong during the fire sprinkler installation process, it could hinder the construction process and push important project deadlines. Among the many fire sprinkler companies out there, we’re one of the few that has a proven history of being on time and on budget.

If you are a business that needs an annual inspection, Marco is the sprinkler inspection company ready to serve you. We are here to keep you code compliant and ensure your sprinkler systems will work effectively should you ever need them in an emergency. We have a trained customer service team dedicated to coordinating a sprinkler inspection at a time that works best for you. We go the extra mile for our customers because we want to be your trusted sprinkler inspection company, your first choice in protecting your business from the threat of fire.

We also offer emergency fire sprinkler repair for the sometimes unavoidable incidents like a freeze break in the middle of winter. We understand an emergency can happen at any time; that’s why we offer 24/7/365 service with a team of expert sprinkler technicians who are always on standby to answer your emergency fire sprinkler repair call. Our mission is to offer the best fire protection services to keep your people and property safe, and that includes providing emergency fire sprinkler repair.


Fire Suppression Systems in Delaware County and Beyond

Besides fire sprinkler systems, we also offer industrial fire suppression systems in Delaware County, Chester County, and the surrounding area. Our industrial fire suppression systems include CO2 systems, clean agent systems, industrial dry chemical, small space protection equipment, and restaurant fire suppression systems. The most reliable industrial fire protection often comes in the form of industrial fire suppression systems, typically due to the type of equipment and machinery these systems are meant to protect.

As one of the top fire suppression inspection companies in the area, we provide full service for these systems from design and installation to inspection and repair. Our team of experts will work closely with you to determine the best strategy for protecting your high value assets and provide continued service to ensure your fire suppression systems are in continuous working order.

We also offer additional services like room integrity fan testing to ensure the space you are protecting can maintain adequate extinguishing concentration after a system discharge. If you’re looking for the best industrial fire protection and suppression systems or the top fire suppression inspection companies in Chester County, Marco Protection Systems, LLC should be your first choice.

Fire Extinguisher Service

Besides services for industrial fire alarms, fire sprinkler installation, and fire suppression inspection, we offer fire extinguisher services and life safety equipment. Our full line of fire extinguishers ensures you get the right fire protection equipment for your hazard; an ABC extinguisher in an environment that requires a Class K does not do you much good when it comes to fire protection. Our technicians are trained and certified in surveying your facility and providing the appropriate extinguisher per application, as well as completing a full inspection to ensure the extinguishers are properly filled, charged, and tagged.

Whether you need a few broken exit signs replaced or new emergency lighting installed, we have a variety of life safety equipment to help your employees safely evacuate in the event of a fire.

In your search for local fire protection companies you can trust, turn to the experts with a proven history of satisfied clients. For fire protection services in the Chester County area and beyond, chose Marco Protection Systems, LLC.